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The Golden Age Presents: Nina Hartley Vol.1
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Size Matters: Length, Girth and Working the Angles.
Does size matter? Length vs. girth? Tuesday with Nina Hartley
Porn Valley’s Secret Weapon

If there’s an industry where the benefits of Viagra are crucial, adult film production is definitely what we’re talking about. Porn film production is very demanding, and for men like Tyce Bune who’s well in his 40s it is sometimes so challenging that he’s now used to having a little extra to his typical set of items he takes to the shooting scene. Somewhere between his clothes there’s a pack of Viagra waiting.

Porn industry isn’t quite like the typical film industry where you have months of shooting and plenty of time to rest. A typical porn movie is shot during one day, and if it takes 14-16 hours to film it entirely then so will be it. Male actors face a rigorous schedule in this industry, having to perform bare naked in front of a lot of people and often have sex numerous time during the shooting day. Let’s agree that it’s not something that anyone can withstand without having minor problems. And taking a typical working week with full 5 days, the pleasure of sex often turns into routine that can bring down any guy no matter how hard he’s in bed.

It’s not a surprise that Bune started using Viagra to keep up with such a demanding work. And sometimes it’s demanding to the point when Bune is using a lot of Viagra to keep up his hard-on during the scene. He was even teased as having a blue tongue from popping so much diamond-shaped pills by one of the directors. But Bune isn’t ashamed of it at all, saying that he doesn’t feel any less of a man when using Viagra. There are certain limits for sexual abilities that even men with high libido and perfect erections can’t surpass.

Ever since Viagra became so popular and helped a lot of impotent men gain back their sexual abilities, the porn industry has become fascinated with this new opportunity. Aging male actors used Viagra for prolonging their erections as well as their careers – just like athletes who are trying everything possible to stay in the big sports. And film directors were also encouraging male actors to use Viagra since it helped cut the production costs and typical delays that are linked to the sensitive mechanism of male erection. As a result, the San Fernando Valley, also known as the Porn Valley, has become the setting for a mass experiment in extreme Viagra use. Bune stated using about 100 milligrams of Viagra per day, and knows that some other actors are taking even more. These dosages are more than twice as more as the maximum recommended dosage for treating ED in men. So the effects experienced by male actors in porn films can be used for clinical trials, that’s for sure.

However, some porn veterans aren’t quite happy with such a trend. Porn star Nina Hartley who’s in the industry for nearly 30 years says that it’s odd to see men with the strange look in their eyes and swelling faces and chests on the scene – signs of intense Viagra use. She says that this drug was designed to provide treatment for men with specific conditions, not men who are perfectly healthy.

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